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At CCPC, we are very grateful for the piece of land on which our headquarters are located. Along with offices and meeting spaces, the property is home to the Project 180 residential program, a rec room, and a community garden. It is important to us as an agency that we take good care of this property and make improvements to it when we have opportunity.

Recently, we were able to add a bark-covered pathway to the large lawn area in between the main buildings. This path not only improves the look of the property, it also provides an improved way to travel between the buildings and will give youth and mentors a trail to walk along together.

Initial work on the path was done by CCPC’s maintenance staff, and was completed by volunteer teams from Starbucks and Corban University. We are appreciative of the work these groups have done to help spruce up our campus!

If you are interested in bringing a group to volunteer at CCPC, please contact us.

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