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August 2015

Garden Growth

This summer, students from Corban University’s CUEST program (Corban University Essential Skills Transition) have been volunteering in CCPC’s garden. This hard-working group, hailing from Papua, Indonesia, have spent many hours pulling weeds, landscaping, and preparing the garden area for use by CCPC youth. Subsequently, the garden has been bursting with new life in recent weeks. Squash, corn, and other produce items are growing in

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New Computers

Thanks to generous donations from the TJX Foundation and the Washington Federal Foundation, CCPC was recently able to purchase several computers for use by youth in our mentoring and proctor programs. These Surface Pro tablets (as seen above with two of our mentors) will receive plenty of use by CCPC youth as they do schoolwork and research, search for jobs, and have fun with their mentors.

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